Affiliate Product Information

About BirdDogBot

BirdDogBot is a piece of software that goes out and scours the web, looking for deals on residential real estate. The user enters their custom “deal criteria”, which sites to search, etc., then BirdDogBot goes out and analyzes the properties for them. We currently use the Zillow Zestimate┬« on Zillow and Eppraisal to estimate market values for the properties. Based on this value along with the user’s deal criteria, BirdDogBot saves the properties into the user’s back office. If the deal is no good, BirdDogBot skips it and moves onto the next one until the entire area has been analyzed..

To see the software in action, you can visit the BirdDogBot blog and watch a number of tutorial videos that show off all the features, how the software works, etc.. Everything is video-based so you can see exactly what the user does to get this job done quickly and best of all…completely automated!

The software also has “anti-piracy” built into it as everything is tied to an account. So, if you and I were to share a password, then everything would be mashed into a single account, thereby not making much sense to buy one copy and share it with 12 of your friends. Furthermore, once a subscription is cancelled, the account is automatically disabled at the end of that payment period. This takes care of those who abuse the guarantee policy by buying it, asking for their money back, and expecting to keep using it. If do they ask for a refund, the software stops working for that user account, effective once the refund goes through.

The software works on Windows-based PCs only. We do not support Mac, although if they have a Windows emulator installed, they can run the software on their mac via that emulator.

Customer Training & Support

Customers receive our Video Tutorials and our Real Estate investing Trainning Videos. The only “real estate investing training” that we offer is enough to get them up-to-speed with concepts required to use the software. Additional real estate investing training is offered through our affiliate relationship with our partners.

Support is offered by email at We usually respond to support requests promptly, usually within minutes; however I set an expectation with my customers of a response within 24 hours (Monday – Friday).

Sales Page

We are always split-testing our main sales page and the top-performing page is always the one you find at . This version of the sales page has a video sales letter and a “delayed add to cart” button. I have found that this converts better than anything else that I’ve tried. If you prefer a different approach, there are other sales pages to choose from in the Affiliate Links section on our Affiliate Support Page

The sales page converts very well. I have found with my traffic, I convert around 3% for “cold” traffic. Please keep in mind, this number will vary depending on your traffic and their interests. If you’re emailing, the key is to get them to open the email, read it, then click on the link. If they do that, then you can probably expect around 3% also. This also depends on the quality of your list and how well the idea fits into their personalities. So, it could be higher or lower… but that’s the ball park.


The BirdDogBot Affiliate Program is done entirely through ClickBank. Although they take a heft cut, the nice thing is, you don’t have to rely on me to get paid. ClickBank takes care of all that for us so in my opinion, they earn their cut for our convenience :).

Most subscription based products give you a fat commission up front, but then you get very little, if anything, on the back-end. I believe that if you sell a subscription that lasts a year, you deserve to keep getting paid. This builds us a nice little passive income that we both benefit from.

Commissions are structured at 50% on initial sale PLUS up to 50% on each recurring month, depending on which subscription package they purchase. More information about commissions is found in the FAQ section of our Affiliate Support Page.

Affiliate Support & Promotional Tools

For more information on how I can help you promote BirdDogBot, check out the Affiliate Support. On this page, you can get instant access to Affiliate Links, Banners, Email Copy, and more. There is also a FAQ in case you have any commonly asked questions.

It is also recommended that you join our Affiliate Updates list so that you are kept up-to-date with any promotions, or changes to our affiliate program.

Anything Else?

If you have any other questions about BirdDogBot, please email at and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Lastly, thank you once again for promoting BirdDogBot. I really appreciate it and I look forward to building a long-term mutually profitable relationship.

Kosta Apostolou