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Read This First…

Dear BirdDogBot Affiliate,

I’d like to start by personally thanking you for your interest in promoting BirdDogBot! I look forward to building a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with you, as I do with all my affiliates and JV partners. Let’s get started…

For general information about BirdDogBot from an affiliate’s perspective, please check out the Product Information for Affiliates page.

All the promotional stuff I have is listed on this page. Having said that, if there’s anything you need that’s not here, please email me at and let me know how I can help. As a courtesy, I kindly ask you to check that your answer is not already on this page before contacting me.

VERY IMPORTANT: All updates to this page will be sent via the Affiliate mailing list that you’re on right now. Please make sure you “whitelist” my email address ( so that you don’t miss anything important. I will also send you any important updates that may affect your campaigns so you will want to stay subscribed so that nothing comes up unexpected. I value the privilege you’ve given me to email you and I promise I will not abuse it. I will only send you BirdDogBot affiliate updates and anything else that I STRONGLY feel will benefit your marketing efforts and overall business.

I wish you the best of luck in your marketing efforts and your business.

Now let’s make some money!

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Affiliates Links

The BirdDogBot Affiliate Program is run through Clickbank so you will need a Clickbank account in order to promote BirdDogBot. If you already have a Clickbank account, you’re all set! If you don’t have a clickbank account yet, you can sign up with Clickbank now. It’s free!

Once you have your Clickbank account, you can either get your affiliate link within Clickbank or from the list below.

The link you will get from Clickbank will send your prospect to our default sales page. If you are a more advanced marketer, you can use the list below to send your traffic to any of the pages listed below and drop/refresh your cookie on the prospects machine with every visit.

If you’d like to add a tracking code to one of the links below, simply add it to the end of the url. For example, your affiliate link with tracking code could look like this: where you replace YOURCLICKBANKID with your ClickBank Id and replace YourTrackingCodeHere with whatever tracking code you desire.

Sales Page Links

Some traffic sources respond better to certain types of sales pages. So rather than forcing you to use the default sales page, I have given you the ability to pick the sales page you feel will work best for your traffic. Below is a list of the variations of the BirdDogBot sales page:

Sales Page (click to preview) Your Affiliate Link
Sales Page 1
New video sales page, mobile-friendly.

If there is a variation you would like added, please email me at, let me know what you would like, and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

Trial Offer Links

If you have some traffic that’s already been exposed to BirdDogBot but haven’t converted yet. Try making them a trial offer.

Trial Offers (click to preview) Your Affiliate Link
Trial Offer 1 (14 days, $7)

Squeeze Page Links

Drive your traffic to our mailing list and let us market to them for you!

Our auto-responder series starts with a Free ebook download and then continues with real estate investing training, followed by tutorials on how to use BirdDogBot to accomplish everything they learned in the real estate investing training section. And of course, what’s an auto-responder follow-up series without a bunch of sales pitches to drive traffic to the sales page to make a sale? The auto-repsonder series currently has 19 follow-up messages spanning over 30 days.

NOTE: All links sent in our auto-responder series are “naked” links. So long as your cookie is still on their machine, you will still get credit for the sale.

Squeeze Page (click to preview) Your Affiliate Link
Squeeze Page 4 (free ebook)
Video version.

Content Page Links

Some affiliates like to drive traffic to content pages such as articles and blog posts to educate their prospects before pitching them with the product. This can be useful if you have your own mailing list and would like to send a series of emails that aren’t going directly to a sales page constantly. Each time your visitor hits one of these links (or any of your hop links on this page for that matter), your cookie is renewed for another 60 days, so this is a great way to keep your cookie fresh on their machine!

Content Page (click to preview) Your Affiliate Link
Tutorials Listing
Tutorials > Finding Deals Listing
Overview – Finding Deals
How To Find Deals with BirdDogBot
How To Add & Edit Your Own Deals
How To Bulk Import Deals For Analysis
How Schedule BirdDogBot To Run Automatically
Tutorials > Analyzing Deals Listing
Overview – Analyzing Deals
How To Customize Your Analysis Settings And Deal Estimates
How BirdDogBot Helps You Do Your Due Diligence On Your Deals
Tutorials > Sharing Deals Listing
Overview – Sharing Deals
How To View Your BirdDogBot Deals Anywhere
How To Share Your BirdDogBot Deals With An Investor
Enhanced Deal Sharing & Deal Management
Private Deal Sharing
How To Build A Buyers List With BirdDogBot
Tutorials > Tracking Deals Listing
Overview – Tracking Deals And Proformas
How To Monitor And Track Your Deals With BirdDogBot
Tutorials > New Feature Demos Listing
BirdDogBot 1.01 Features And Demo
BirdDogBot 1.03 New Features Demo
BirdDogBot 1.04 New Features Demo
BirdDogBot 1.06 New Features Demo
BirdDogBot 1.07 New Features Demo
BirdDogBot 1.08 New Features Demo
BirdDogBot 1.10 New Features Demo
BirdDogBot 1.13 New Features Demo
BirdDogBot 1.15 New Features Demo
BirdDogBot 1.16 New Features Demo
BirdDogBot 2.00 New Features Demo + Features Recap
BirdDogBot 2.01 New Features Demo
BirdDogBot 2.02 New Features Demo
Real Estate Investing Training Listing
How To Quickly Analyze Real Estate Investment Deals
How To Find Real Estate Investment Deals And Estimate Market Values Online
How To Estimate Monthly Rental Income
How To Evaluate Real Estate Markets For Investment
How To Find Emerging Markets For Us Real Estate Investing
How To Use Free Websites Tools To Find An Endless Supply Of Solid Real Estate Investing Opportunities On Auto Pilot
Resources Listing
Property Listing Sites
Free Real Estate Investing Deal Calculator
Free Real Estate Investing Deal Calculator New Features

If any of the above links don’t work, please email me at ASAP so that I can fix it. Thanks!


The zip file below contains 10 JPG images for banners in all 10 “standard sizes” used on most advertising networks and websites.

BirdDogBot Banners (all standard sizes)

Looking for a size that’s not in the zip file? Email me at and I’ll have it created for you, complete with the BirdDogBot branding.

Email Series

Here’s a 4-message email series I have used with a number of affiliates. It is tested and has worked well for us in the past.

BirdDogBot Affiliate Email Series

Frequently Asked Questions


Will I still earn a commission if they opt into your mailing list?

If your affiliate link was the last affiliate link the user clicked on, and they clicked on it within the last 60 days, then YES!

Rest assured that I only use naked links when promoting through the “official BirdDogBot channels” including the mailing list, the BirdDogBot website and blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, you name it. “Using naked links” means that I don’t use my own affiliate link to over-write your cookie. It sounds like common sense, but there are a lot of unethical vendors out there who use their own affiliate links and STEAL their affiliates’ commissions! This is not only unethical, but a great way to ruin your relationships with affiliates and destroy your reputation as a trusted vendor. I’ll pass on those options, thanks!

I would much rather you keep promoting and BOTH of us benefit from the relationship, than try steal an extra commission here and there. I’m in this for the long haul, not to make a few extra bucks today. Remember, I’ve been marketing online since 2008 and a lot of that time was spent as an affiliate. I know what you go through because I’ve been there, I am there still, and it’s just much more fun when you succeed with others than by yourself!


What’s your commission structure?

I offer 50% commission on the initial sale plus up to 50% commission on the recurring monthly subscription revenue, depending on which subscription package was purchased. Most subscription-based products give the affiliate a large up front commission and the vendor makes the real money on the back-end. I believe in building a long-term relationship with my affiliates and feel you deserve to keep getting paid if I keep get paid. So, the longer your customers stay subscribed, the longer you keep getting paid!


How much can I earn?

There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn. Your success is entirely determined by the effort you put in and the number of sales you can make.

The real power in this model is that it is subscription based, so each month, your income can grow very quickly. With other products, you earn a 1-time commission and your growth is flat unless you can constantly increase the number of sales you make. In this model, your income grows month after month so long as your number of sales is greater than your number of cancellations. If you can increase the number of sales you make, then your income will grow even faster.

Let’s compare a traditional 1-time commission structure with the BirdDogBot subscription model. Take a look at how this would look if you made just 1 sale per day at $23/month. We’ll assume that 10% of your people cancel at some point during the month to make it a realistic example. Here’s how it would look:

Month # of Sales # 1-Time
# BirdDogBot
$ Total
$ Total

Notice how your monthly income keeps increasing even though you haven’t actually increased the number of sales you made! Your income keeps growing and you keep making money so long as you have subscribers! In the traditional model, once you make your sale, you’re done! That almost like having a J-O-B…Yikes!

Now let’s assume you decide to take a 3 MONTH vacation. What would happen to your income? Take a look:


Month # of Sales # 1-Time
# BirdDogBot
$ Total
$ Total
no change
no change
no change


NOW THAT’S PASSIVE INCOME! You’re making money and literally doing nothing! You don’t even have to monitor a campaign on your vacation. You could be chilling on the beach and the money will keep rolling in so long as your customers stay subscribed. And when your vacation is done, just build up your subscribers again and increase your revenues. The best part is, this time you’re not starting from zero. Wash, rinse, repeat – it’s that simple!


When and how do I get paid?

Clickbank manages all payments and refunds so they will be the ones who send you your commissions. I have worked with Clickbank, both as an affiliate and as a vendor, since 2008. I have never had an issue receiving payment and it always comes on time. For more information about when and how commissions are paid, check out this article.


How long does the cookie last on the prospect’s machine?

Cookies from Clickbank last 60 days. Each time your visitor hits your link, the 60 day period is refreshed. Therefore, if you keep sending them to different pages on the BirdDogBot site, the 60 days starts all over again with each visit. For more information on Clickbank’s cookies and hoplinks, check out this article.


How can I reach you for additional support?

The best way to reach me is by emailing me at I check my mail quite often, whether in my office or on the go, and have been known to support customers and affiliates at all times of the day. So if you need anything, just ask!


Anything Else?

If there’s anything else you need to help you promote BirdDogBot, just send me an email at and I’ll do what I can to help out.

Lastly, thank you for promoting BirdDogBot. I really appreciate it and hope we can build a long-term mutually profitable relationship.

I wish you the best of luck in your promoting efforts!

Kosta Apostolou