In this video I demonstrate the new features that we have added to BirdDogBot 1.13.

Aside from CAPTCHA support, we have enhanced our deal sharing capabilities. Now you can pick and choose what information about a property you want to share with your investing partners. Don’t want to give away the address or the realtor’s contact info? No problem! We not only can we hide that information, but we can even plop in YOUR information instead! This way, the only way they can get more info on your property is by contacting you.

You can totally customize how you want your shared deals to appear. Watch this video and check it out…

A couple things I forgot to mention in the video:

  1. Re: CAPTCHA – There are a few services out there that can figure out and enter the captcha for you. If there is interest in BirdDogBot supporting this, please let me know. Please note that these services are always “pay by use” and you would require your own individual account.
  2. Re: New Deal Sharing Options – Please note that the changes you make are affect all your deals. In other words, you cannot show the address for one deal and hide it for another. While this seems like it would be nice to have, you would run into the problem of managing too many different settings if there was a set for each deal. That’s my opinion on the matter, if you feel differently, let me know! If others agree with you, we could provide that capability too.

Post a comment below and let me know what you think about these new features.