BirdDogBot Update March 6, 2017:

BirdDogBot Is Now 100% Web-Based!

You No Longer Need The Desktop Software!

Access Your Account Online

You can login to our mobile-friendly members area located at using any device! Yes, including your tablet and/or smartphone!

New Users

Welcome to BirdDogBot! An email should've been sent to you with your login credentials and account information when you first started your subscription. Please remember to check your spam folder in case it ended up there by accident.

If you haven't received this email within 15 minutes of starting your subscription, you can use our password reminder page to retrieve your password. If that doesn't work, please contact our support desk at for assistance.

Exisitng Users

If you're an existing user who's been using the desktop software, your login credentails remain unchanged.

Please remove the desktop software from your PC using the Windows Control Panel. The desktop software is no longer needed, nor will it be updated and/or supported moving forward.

Video Tutorials

Please visit our Knowledge Base for video tutorials and training on how to use BirdDogBot. Here's a few helpful links:

NOTE: With the recent release of BirdDogBot 3.0, our tutorials are in the process of being updated. Most of the functionality works the same as shown in the tutorials; however you don't need to use the desktop software. Instead, simply login to your account using a web browser and you can access everything there.

If you requrie any assistance, please contact our support desk at with your questions.

We appreciate your patience as we update our knowledge base.

Customer Support

If you ever requrie any assistance, please contact our support desk at and we'll be happy to help you.