Have you ever thought about buying an investment property?

It turns out that my friend James Mel is a real-life “Jedi” when it comes to real estate investing.

He’s now up to 67 rental units – and is buying around one new property a month right now.

His method is a little unusual, in that he typically buys most of these homes “all online” – right from his home office.

Earlier today, we did a free workshop where he showed us exactly how he does it.

The class was free, it was about 90 minutes long, and James stayed on after to answer questions as well.

James broke down exactly how he buys investment properties.

This is HIS system – not a bunch of recycled stuff from books, or anything that’s going to waste your time.

If you’ve ever thought about getting into real estate as an investor… and want to know how you can buy your first investment property, make sure you check out the video below.

In the class, you’ll learn:

  • A step-by-step case study of how James bought his first investment property, so you can see exactly how it works, and what he did to get started
  • What to look for in an investment property so you find the “income producing gems” that other investors completely miss (all of the properties that James buys are “income properties” – meaning that they produce positive cash-flow for him)
  • The mindset shift you have to make to turn money into an investment tool so it starts working working for you around the clock
  • How to get investment properties financed and leverage the bank’s money so you can continue buying more properties and growing your portfolio
  • The mistake James made that almost prevented him from getting into real estate (this would have ended up costing him millions)
  • How James built a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio of 67 units by age 35, and how he continues to grow it in his spare time “on the side”
  • And much more …

It was an in-depth learning class, and you should watch the video below if you’ve been thinking about buying an investment property.

And even if you haven’t really thought about it, you should still check it out – James shared some key insights on wealth building and how you can move ahead in your financial life.

Watch the replay below:.

UPDATE Feb 20, 2019: The course described at the end of the video is no longer for sale and as such, the bonus offered by BirdDogBot is no longer valid. This video is here strictly for informational purposes only.