In this video you’re going to discover a hidden feature of BirdDogBot that allows you to view your BirdDogBot deals anywhere on any device!

Imagine being able to run a search, leave your house and just “check-in” with BirdDogBot to see what it found. You can view your deals on a phone or even your tablet. Imagine being able to pull up a deal on-the-spot, right in front of an investor. Show him the details, property history, or any of the other critical data points BirdDogBot fetches for you.

Pretty cool!

NOTE: You can do pretty much anything you need to do in your BirdDogBot account using the web interface located at; however, you cannot search for deals or analyze bulk imported properties. To run a search or analyze your bulk imported properties, you must use the desktop software.

To access your BirdDogBot account on any device, simply login to your BirdDogBot account at

How do you plan on using this feature? Post a comment below and let me know.