BirdDogBot 1.15 has just been released and this is the most exciting release we’ve probably ever produced!

In this release we totally re-engineered how searches are performed with BirdDogBot. Previously, you could only run one search at a time. In this latest version, BirdDogBot Pro users will be able to run multiple searches with just a single click!

Furthermore, we have listened to what our users have been asking for and have added the ability to search by county as well.

All of this comes with a much improved search status user interface!

Check out this video for a complete demonstration of all the new features in BirdDogBot 1.15:

BTW – Current users are getting free upgrades to BirdDogBot Pro until BirdDogBot 2.0 is officially released. That means, if you’re already a user, these features are available to you right now with no added cost! If you’re not a member, jump on board today and you’ll get a free upgrade as well. This offer is only valid until BirdDogBot 2.0 is officially released and you must be an active user on BirdDogBot 2.0 launch day.

Post your comments below and let us know what you think!