Back in the day, if you wanted something to run automatically on your PC, you had to setup a scheduled task. While it got the job done, the downfall was that you had to have your computer running at the time the task was scheduled to run, otherwise it wouldn’t run.

With the latest version of BirdDogBot, all your search projects and classifieds site alert projects are ALL automatically run for you and you don’t have to do anything – not even login!

Your search projects are run for you every day, and your alert projects run multiple times a day. Furthermore, each time they run, BirdDogBot sends you an email notification of the results. This way, you never have to login to your account and do anything!

This truly takes your real estate deal finding to the next level in automation!

To make sure your search and alert projects run automatically, it’s as easy as making sure they are enabled. That’s it – just one click to set it and forget it!

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