BirdDogBot 2.02 has now been released! In this update we made great strides in improving our customer support with the use of a pop-up help option as well as a greatly improved help and tutorials section containing more articles than ever. You can now also search our tutorials to get help quicker than ever before.

We’ve also added some email notifications that are triggered if an error occurs while running BirdDogBot as a scheduled task.

Check out the following video for a demonstration and explanation of these new features:

Video Transcript

In this video I’m going to show you a few enhancements we added to BirdDogBot for version 2.02.

In this release, our primary focus was improving our customer support while adding a couple usability enhancements. We also ironed out a couple bugs that affected a couple sites we search due to changes they made. And we also fixed a bug that affected our import feature.

So let’s get into what’s new…

First, we added a couple email notifications to help those who schedule BirdDogBot to run automatically.

This feature will now send you an email letting you know of any errors that may have occurred that prevented your search tasks from completing. This includes your software requiring an update, not being able to login for whatever reason, or if you don’t have any search projects enabled.

The nice part about this feature is that since this “auto-run” mode is usually running unattended, there was previously no way of knowing if something had gone wrong in the process. Now, if something goes wrong, you’ll be notified with an email letting you know what went wrong. Again, these notifications are only triggered when running BirdDogBot in auto-run as a scheduled task.

There’s not much to demonstrate about that feature, but I just wanted to let you know that it now exists as of BirdDogBot 2.02 and in the future. So be sure to upgrade now, otherwise you won’t get these notifications if you’re running an older version.

Now let me demonstrate the features you CAN see…

First, in the desktop software, you’ll notice this little “arrow” button. When you click on this, you can collapse the top part of the screen to give you some more room in the browser section. If you want to expand it again to see the status of your searches, just click the “arrow” button again to expand it again.

You can expand and collapse at any time, even when BirdDogBot is searching and analyzing deals and it won’t cause it to stop. So go ahead and expand and collapse whenever you see fit.

It’s pretty simple, but we’ve had a few people requesting this so we’re happy to have found a solution for them.

Finally, we also made it a lot easier for you to contact support.

First, we’ve added this little “help” button at the bottom of every page so you can quickly reach out to us regarding anything you need. As you see, it pre-fills the form with your information so all you have to do is enter your question and click the “Send” button.

Next, we made some HUGE improvements to our help and tutorials section, so let’s go over there.

You can now search for help topics using this search bar. Just enter a few key words, click search, and the system will bring back articles that are related to your search so you can quickly help yourself.

Also, you can browse our entire library of help topics by clicking the headings and finding articles manually as well. In fact, you could even discover new features that you didn’t even know existed if you browse through.

The other thing you’ll notice is we’ve added a bunch of new help topics and frequently asked questions. We will be adding to these as time goes on, so be sure to check here first if you’re ever in need of help.

Finally, the last thing you’ll also notice is that we’ve nested all our videos on these pages as well, so you can directly watch them from within your BirdDogBot account.

So those are the new features for BirdDogBot 2.02. We hope you like them and find them “helpful” …pardon the pun.

Thanks for watching!