BirdDogBot 2.05 has now been released! In this update we’ve further enhanced our deal management capabilities within your account along with adding the ability to export your deals and/or your buyers to an excel spreadsheet.

We’ve also added the ability for you to add custom property descriptions to your proforma pages..

Check out the following video for a demonstration and explanation of these new features:

Video Transcript

In this video I’m going to show you the new features we added to BirdDogBot 2.05.

In this release, we’ve further enhanced our deal management in the “My Deals” list and we also added a feature where you can export your deals or your buyers to an excel spreadsheet. This export feature enables you to then take your BirdDogBot data and import it into another system or do whatever you want with the data.

We also added the ability for you to add a customized property description for all your deals.

So without further adieu, let’s take a look! Since we won’t be running a search, I’m just going to login to my account at using Google Chrome.

Then I’ll head over to the “My Deals” list to show you the new goodies.

First, you’ll notice we added a thumbnail for each of the properties which some of you had requested in the hopes of keeping better mental note of which properties you were looking at.

Next to that thumbnail, we also added some checkboxes so that we can select multiple deals at once. In fact, you can use the “Select” box above to quickly select all deals or clear the checkmarks by selecting “None on this page”. There’s also an “Inverse” option. What “Inverse” allows you to do is this. Let’s say you want to select all but 3 deals on this page. You can select the 3 deals you don’t want, then go to “Select”, then “Inverse” and it will select the opposite of what you’ve selected.

Once you’ve selected a few properties, you can then use the “Delete” dropdown to delete the selected deals all at once. Previously you had to delete your deals one-by-one, but now you can pick and choose which to delete and do them all at once. And of course, if you still want to delete all your deals, just go to “Delete”, then select “All Deals”. I’m going to click “Cancel” as I don’t want to do that right now, so just take my word for it that they will be deleted.

We’ve also added an “Export Deals” feature where you can export the deals from your account. I will give a full demonstration of the export feature in a separate tutorial video which will be out very soon. It’s very easy to use, but for now, I just want to give you a quick tour of the new goodies we’ve added.

Also, if you’re a BirdDogBot Pro member, if you go to your “Buyers” list, you’ll also notice the “Export Buyers” button on that page as well. So if you want to export the leads you generate and add them to a CRM or an email auto-responder like Aweber, Infusionsoft, or whatever else you’re using, you can now easily do that too.

Finally, one last feature… and this is also included for BirdDogBot Standard members…

Let’s go back to the “My Deals” list and click on a deal. Below the property photos and contact information, we’ve added a “Property Description” box where you can add your own custom description for this property which will be displayed whenever you share this deal with your buyers, partners, or other investors.

To add a description, just click on the “Edit” button, enter your description, and click “Save Description”. Now you’ll see your property description displayed in the “Property Description” section. As a side note, if you do not enter a property description, this whole section will not appear when you share your deal. So to demonstrate that, let’s remove the description. Then let’s go down to the bottom and click “Preview as Visitor” and you’ll see that since there is no property description, that entire section has been hidden so it doesn’t look empty. So if you want to add your own description you can. If you don’t, then don’t worry about it, it will look just the same as it did before.

So those are the new features we added this time around. These enhancements are live and in your account now. We added these based on the feedback of the entire BirdDogBot user-base so if there’s something you’d like added, let us know and if it’s possible and there’s enough demand for it, we’ll add that for you too!

Post a comment below this video to give us your ideas and let us know how we can help you get more out of your BirdDogBot subscription!

Thanks for watching!