BirdDogBot 1.03 has just been released and I’m excited to share these cool new features with you.

Here are some of the new features you’ll be able to enjoy in BirdDogBot 1.03:

  • Cleaner layout with more details about the property.
  • View property pictures which are automatically pulled from the listings.
  • Built-in integration with Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps,, and Trulia Heat Maps.
  • Manually add your own rental income estimates.
  • Ability to manually add market value estimates that you get from other sources such as realtor comps, appraisers, etc.
  • Ability to update your expense estimates (rehab costs, closing costs, etc.) after the deal has been found.
  • Any changes you make to your estimates will automatically update your deal calculations for greater accuracy.
  • Ability to delete your notes from the deal history.

Check out this video for a demo of these new features…

UPDATE: Please note that any deals found using an older version of BirdDogBot will not automatically display property photos until you re-search for the property using the desktop software. If BirdDogBot finds the same property again, it will grab the photos and add them automatically. You do NOT need to delete the deal from your “My Deals” list. Simply run the search again and let BirdDogBot do the rest.